la tortue


Romance ― 22 min Release in : 2016
Language : French
Produced by : Nouvelle Donne Productions
Associate Producers : Ile Production
Written and directed by : Thomas Blumenthal & Roman Dopouridis
Casting : Lou Roy Lecollinet, Bastien Bouillon, Léo Lorleac’h

Depuis le décès de ses parents, Léo, 10 ans, est livré à lui-même. Son grand frère Bastien s’est réfugié dans les méandres de la fête, incapable d’affronter ses responsabilités. Leurs vies se croisent sans jamais se retrouver, jusqu’à la rencontre avec Julie qui va bouleverser ce statu quo.
Leo, ten years old, is getting ready for school by himself. The big apartment is empty when, like every morning, he slams the door and leaves home. Bastien, Leo's big brother, is on his part still at an after-party. He knows everybody here, he's in his element. But this morning, in the grim bathroom of this nightclub, he meets Julie. The young woman is going to invite herself in Leo and Bastien's lives. For a weekend, all taboos and rancours are going to emerge, and it will lead to the inevitable confrontation between the two brothers.